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A fruity beginning with a taste of strawberry, rhubarb and pomegranate is followed by a mild flavour of cinnamon. After a while the chilli burns in your throat... Served as an ice cold shot or as an excellent drink base in cocktails.
Dragon Blood 500 ml, 50% vol.

Dragon Blood was born from the idea of ​​creating a new and fascinating Swedish beverage that shouldn’t be like anything else. Right from the beginning the idea was that it should stand out from the crowd by having a spicy sting and be made only with natural ingredients of the highest quality.


So the experimenting started and a plethora of different flavour combinations were tested. The whole process came to take almost a year, partly because creativity takes time, and partly because it is quite complicated to extract the flavour from the ingredients. Having tested and evaluated a large amount of different raw materials we found the perfect combination out of all of these. The unique and awesome taste experience - the nowadays legendary "three-stage rocket-flavour” was born!


The name Dragon Blood came naturally - what else would a blood red, 50% vol. (100 proof) strong drink that put your throat on fire be named!


Then the bottle with the handwritten label Dragon Blood was standing on the shelf for almost a year… Why? - Good question. But one day we dusted it off, mixed together a test batch and challenged visitors on the Beer and Whiskey Exhibition in Gothenburg to try…


It was a huge success!


Origin: Sweden

50% vol (Superior Strength) / 28% vol (Silver Strength) 

500 ml

Made from grain (vodka base)

Contains extracts of fruits and berries

Only natural food colour (E163)

Vegan friendly